Risk Reduction Program


The WCRP's Risk Reduction Program was established to provide special financial resources to member counties for funding projects and purchases that will help reduce or eliminate property and liability risks. Each WCRP member county can receive up to $5,000 per year to use in a variety of different ways. The process is simple and the results will be less claims and lower costs!

RRP Funding can be used for an entire purchase, or as "seed money" to be put toward the total funding cost of a specific project or purchase. Payments to counties will be made upfront for approved applications. Counties can submit as many requests as needed (up to the $5,000 limit) during the fiscal year.


While each member can receive up to $5,000 annually for one, or multiple, projects or purchases, only $3,000 of that amount can be spent on projects or purchases that are not directly related to the WCRP's current Targeted Risk Management focus. The other $2,000 must be spent on projects/purchases that relate directly to the Pool's Targeted Risk Management (TRM) focus. Of course, counties can receive more than the $2,000 for a project/purchase that focuses on TRM (up to the $5,000 limit), but projects/purchases that are not directly related to the Targeted Risk Management focus has a cap of $3,000.

FY2021-22 Targeted Risk Management Focus includes:

  • Severity:
    1. Law Enforcement Civil Rights
    2. Leadership Roles in Law Enforcement Administration
  • Frequency:
    1. Road Maintenance
    2. Vehicle Operations
  • Proactive:
    1. Response to Law Enforcement Legislative Changes
    2. Court Security


  1. Download and complete the Risk Reduction Program (RRP) application.
  2. Obtain and include an estimate or purchase order to accompany each application.
  3. Send all application materials through your county Risk Manager.
  4. The county Risk Manager sends the application materials to memberservices@wcrp.wa.gov.
  5. The application materials will be reviewed by a 3-person panel.
  6. WCRP will send the county Risk Manager the final decision.


If your application is not approved, you may request reconsideration of that decision by sending an e-mail to memberservices@wcrp.wa.gov briefly describing why the application should have been approved. All requests for reconsideration will be reviewed by Pool management.

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