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LocalGovU - Online Training* (New platform)

Certified Public Official Training: WCRP is a sponsor of this program. Individual participants are responsible for their own registration fees. WCRP scholarship funds are not granted for this training. For more on CPO training opportunities, click here:  www.countytraininginstitute.org

Upcoming WCRP Training:

Verbal S.W.A.T.

Upcoming Partnered Training:

  • Please check back for upcoming partnered training opportunities.

Please Note: Training opportunities listed here are provided for information only. Their inclusion does not imply that registration fees will automatically be paid by the Risk Pool for WCRP member counties to attend. Please check specific listings for details. Questions about listings? Please e-mail us!

Webinars and Web-based Trainings

Webinars and web-based trainings are available under the Members Only "Education and Training" link. If you don't have access to the Members Only section, contact your County's Risk Manager.

Scholarship Program:

Although the WCRP (Pool) provides a number of training topics and opportunities to its members, it simply can't provide all the important, specialized and relevant training pertinent to risk management for our members. To make available access to quality training, the WCRP Board of Directors has authorized a SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Please click to review Scholarship Criteria. Scholarship funds are used to pay for training. Training might include class books, on-line training, registration for training classes, etc. Travel, meals and accommodations are generally the county's responsibility.

If you are interested in a training opportunity not currently being offered by the WCRP, please complete the WCRP Scholarship Application and send it into your county Risk Manager.

Scholarships Currently Available

Below is a list of educational opportunities available to our members. These opportunities will still need involvement from the designated county Risk Manager but does not require the completion of a Scholarship Application. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship for any events listed below, please reach out to your county Risk Manager.

Click the title for more information:

  • Summit Law Group - Annual Subscription Discounts for Employment Law Webinars
  • Summit Law Group - PFML Webinar & Template Policy
  • MRSC Training

Questions about listings? Please email us!