FEMA COVID-19 Public Assistance Application Information & FAQ's


FEMA Application Information

Frequently Asked Questions

PoolCast Summary

1. FEMA Application Information

Washington Major Declaration Event Number:

Incident Period

  • January 20, 2020 and continuing until further notice.

Federal Authority/Declaration:

  • On 13 March 2020, President Trump declared a National Emergency invoking the Stafford Act.
  • Pursuant to the proclamation, the National Health and Human Services was identified as the lead Federal Agency and FEMA, Cat B specifically, is included in the Federal response.


Washington Military Department Guidance

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know if our county should apply?
Question: When should our county apply?
Question: What is CAT B?
Question: What type of expenses are eligible for recovery?
Question: Are there specific procurement and/or contracting requirements we must follow?

3. PoolCast Summary

TOPIC: FEMA Public Assistance Application - What's different with COVID-19?

DISCUSSION DATE: April 30, 2020


Jenifer Sliva, WCRP Deputy Director of Finance & Operations led a conversation about the FEMA Public Assistance Application Process. Special guest, Gary Urbas, Public Assistance Program Manager with Washington State Military Department Emergency Management Division, joined the conversation and answered questions about the application process and what's different with responding to COVID-19.

IMPORTANT DATE: Applicant Briefing for Counties, Cities, Special Purpose Districts will be taking place May 8, 2020 at 9:00am. Invitations on how to join the applicant briefings were sent to those who submitted the FEMA Public Assistance application through the Grants Portal.

PoolCast Q&A's on what is different for the FEMA Public Assistance Application Process

COVID-19 Disaster Resources Report by the WA Military Department as of 4/24/2020

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