Risk Reduction Program FAQ's

Question: Why was the RRP program created?
Question: How much can we receive during a fiscal year?
Question: Do I have to use all the funds at once?
Question: How will it be handled if multiple departments within one county request funds for projects, that together, exceed the annual $5,000 allowed per member?
Question: What kinds of projects can I use the funds for?
Question: Does the project/purchase have to focus on the current Targeted Risk Management focus?
Question: If none of our projects or purchases focus on the TRM focus, how much can we receive?
Question: Can we use the entire $5,000 toward a project or purchase that focuses on the TRM focus?
Question: Can we use the $5,000 as initial funding, if we pay the other costs?
Question: Can we use the $5,000 in addition to the Narcotics Detection Device Reimbursement funding towards a Narcotics Detection Device?
Question: Are funds reimbursed or paid upfront?
Question: What happens after we receive funding?
Question: What is an example of documentation to be submitted with the request form?
Question: Do projects/purchases related to employee safety qualify?
Question: Who do I talk to if I have questions?

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