Risk Management Training Scholarship Funds

STATEMENT: Although the WCRP (Pool) provides a number of training topics and opportunities to its members, it simply can’t provide all the important, specialized and relevant training pertinent to risk management for its members, officials or employees. Oftentimes, there are training options available outside of the County or Pool that member county employees and/or officials would attend, given adequate resources. In the effort to access quality training, WCRP’s Board of Directors has authorized a SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

PURPOSE: Scholarship funds are available to assist member counties in accessing opportunities for training in risk management. The training is to be liability related, benefit the individual county, and if possible, brought back and shared with the entire Risk Pool Membership.

FUND: Scholarship funds are used to pay for training. Because funds are limited, all members are encouraged to submit applications for employee(s) to attend liability related training. The Board is encouraging employees who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the risk management field to apply. Scholarship funds are distributed based on an application signed and approved by the county risk manager. The pool staff will evaluate the proposed training and make recommendation for acceptance or non-acceptance.

CRITERIA: The following information must be submitted for consideration:

  1. Identify the training applied for. Please provide a copy or related materials such as a training brochure or description of the class.
  2. Identify what risk management element is being addressed through the proposed training and how it interfaces with your county risk management program.
  3. Identify who will attend or receive training.
  4. The participant may be asked to instruct/report at future Risk Pool training, if applicable.